Green PLASTIGAGE .025 - .076mm (.001-.003 inch) - #SPG-1

Green PLASTIGAGE .025 - .076mm (.001-.003 inch) -  #SPG-1


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Green PLASTIGAGE .025 - .076mm (.001-.003 inch) -  #SPG-1

This listing is for one piece of a brand new, green PLASTIGAGE clearance indicator thread for use in measurement of clearance in automotive engine bearings.  SPG-1 green Plastigage covers a clearance range of .001 to .003 inches (.025 to .076mm).  A measurement scale is printed on the included Plastigage package.  The thread is composed of a compliant plastic material, and is approximately 12 inches long.

Note on Clearance Sizes:  Green PLASTIGAGE is suitable for clearance requirements in the range of .001-.003 inches (.025 to .076mm).  PLASTIGAGE is also available in other thicknesses for larger clearance specifications.  Below is a guide for reference.  Note, this listing is only for one piece of green Plastigage

Green: .001 to .003 inches (.025 to .076mm)

Red: .002 to .006 inches (.051 to .152mm)

Blue: .004 to .009 inches (.102 to .229mm)

Yellow: .009 to .020 inches (.23 to 0.51mm)

Tech Tips on Use:  Remove the engine oil pan to reveal the big-end and its retaining set-screws. Remove excess oil and release the big-end shells by unscrewing the set-screws. Apply a smear of grease to the journal and small quantity of silicone release agent to the shell.

Trim a length of PLASTIGAGE to fit across the journal using the grease to hold it in place. Replace the shell and tighten the set-screws to the recommended torque setting, without rotating the journal.  Now remove the shell to reveal the PLASTIGAGE which will have been spread across the bearing surface as a stripe or band. Match the width of the stripe against the calibrated gauge on the package, and read the clearance.

The PLASTIGAGE stripe ideally should be removed with a clean oily cloth or degreasing solvent.  However, any remaining PLASTIGAGE residue left behind will simply dissolve in motor oil and will not harm the engine in any way.